Go to Any Length: Necklace Guide

Popular Necklace Styles


-Shortest Necklace (14-16 inches)

-Sits around the neck like a girdle


-Lies slightly below the neck (17-18 inches)

-Feature a pendant or diamond

-Perfect for accentuating the collarbone area


-Twice as long as the choker (20-24 inches)

-Reach till the bust

-Works best with plunging necklines


-Worn wrapped around for a multi-layered effect

-As long as 32-inches


-Goes longer than 32-inches and is often worn in multiple layers

-Perfect for adding color and drama to boring ensemble

Matching Necklace with Face Type


-All styles work fine

-Avoid the choker if your neck is shorter than usual


-Long necklaces (>17 inches) lend a toned look

-Avoid short, dramatically patterned necklaces and chokers.


-Rope-style necklace works best

-Avoid geometric shaped necklaces


-Choker and princess-lengths

-Avoid wearing angular neckpieces and pendants


-Long, curvy and even multi-layered necklaces to soften the look of a sharp jawline

-Avoid angular neckpieces and large stones

Oblong or Rectangular

-Choker and princess-lengths

-Avoid thin chains and rope-style necklaces

Matching Necklaces with Necklines

-Strapless/ Low-Cut: Princess-length, choker

-V-Neck Tops: Angular necklaces, pendants

-Halter/ Off-Shoulder: None, opt for earrings instead!

-Turtleneck: Opera-length necklace, choker

Tips for Choosing the Right Necklace

-Wear simple, mono-layered styles in the day and switch to more detailed types for the night

-If you have a short neck, consider wearing a V-style necklace, with a pendant to shift the focus downwards. Rope-style necklaces offer a slimming effect, while chokers help soften bony and misshapen facial features.

-Stick to thin chains and angular-styles for a formal event, and more elaborate designs for a party.

-Create color contrast with your outfit by choosing a single bold color that stands out. Keep in mind that matching jewelry sets are outdated.

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