How to hook a leech

Leeches are ubiquitous parasites found around the globe. With 1000 species available in varying colors, shapes and sizes, they are easy to locate and used as live baits for catching fishes. Surprisingly, only a few of them are blood-sucking.


Nothing allures a fish more than a leech swaying gently with the flow of the water. Your objective with hooking a leech is to ensure it remains alive during the fishing session and stays firmly attached to its hooked while having enough freedom to swim naturally.

How to Fish with Leeches

-Hook the leech through the larger end, i.e the tail part. If you’re drifting or trolling, hook it through the head part, else they’ll curl backward and swim awkwardly.

-Secure the hook in the leech and rotate it around. Allow it to move around naturally while swaying the hook in circular motions.

-If it starts to squirm too much, secure the hook through its belly to create another area of contact. This negates any possibility of escape.

-Cast your fishing hook gently into the water, else the impact will end up killing the leech.

How to Hook a Leech Infographic via Behance

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