Restoring Classic Cars

1. Select the Level of Restoration You Want:

4 Stages of Restoration

Driver Restoration:


-Part replacement

-Small cosmetic alterations

Purpose: To make the car functional again

Street Show


-Major cosmetic repairs

-Engine repair

-Comprehensive bodywork, if required

Purpose: To get the car ready to hit the road for everyday use.

Show Car


-Intensive professional-level upgradations

Purpose: To revamp the car’s look, design and performance and keep it at par with the current version.



-Part replacement


Purpose: To showcase in auto shows or personal exhibitions

2. Inspect the Exterior

Look for dents and corrosion spots on the body. Scratches that feel deep has to be sanded down and painted again.

3. Disassembly

-Dismantle the car entirely to clean and check for parts that need repair

4. Repair chrome pieces

Classic cars usually have chrome mirrors and bumpers that need to be cleaned and repaired for the entire vehicle to shine

5. Inspect the Floor

Conceal minor floor problems with a colorful mat. Repair holes by welding or priming and painting, if necessary.

6. Repair the Engine

If the engine is in running condition, just change the oil after a thorough cleaning session. If it needs repair, make sure you know of manufacturers that produce the necessary parts.

7. Update the Inventory

Change hoses, wires, drive belts and radiator horses if they’re damaged.

8. Repair the Drivetrain

How smoothly your classic car hits the road will depend on how polished its drivetrain is. Check the clutch to see if it’s working properly and change the transmission fluid.

9. Upgrade the Exhaust System

Having a powerful exhaust system decreases your carbon footprint while saving you tons of money.

10. Painting

Rent out a professional spray gun and painting supplies and get hold of old photos of the car to nail the correct look. If you goof up, sand it down and repaint. Take your time because getting a refined look without drips or dust is tricky.

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