The World as 100 People

Age Differences

-75 would be adults, 9 of them would be aged above 65

-25 would be children

Racial Differences

-60 would be Asians

-16 would be Africans

-14 would be Americans

-10 would be Europeans

Religion Differences

-31 would be Christians

-23 would be Muslims

-16 would be atheists

-15 would be Hindus

-7 would be Buddhists

-8 would be practitioners of undefined beliefs

Language Differences

-12 would speak Chinese, 6 for Spanish, 5 for English and 4 for Hindi

-40 would have access to the internet

Health Differences

-21 people would be obese

-15 would not get a single square meal in a day.

-At least one person would be dying of starving and malnourishment.

Lifestyle Differences

-13 people would lack access to drinking water

-23 would not have a roof over their heads

Literary Differences

-Only 7 out of 100 would have the privilege of college education. In other words, 93 people couldn’t study beyond school and 14 out of them wouldn’t have the ability to read and write.

Monetary Differences

-15 people would eke out $2 or less a day

-56 people would manage to make up to $10 daily

-6 people would earn $50-90 per day and only 1-2 people would rake in $100 daily

-Just 1 person would be in control of 50% of the entire money in the world.

The World as 100 People via 100people


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