Tips to Avoid Injuries

Tips to avoid injurie

Employ Safe Lifting Measures

-While lifting, rest your body weight on your legs, not on the back. Bend your knees, keep your posture straight and exert the force of your lower limbs to keep your center of gravity in place.

-Always push heavy things instead of pulling them backward

-Walk slowly, taking few steps  at a time and keep your movements languid, not twitchy.

-When carrying heavy objects, look straight in front of you and keep your neck upwards.

-Never raise objects above your head level

Keep Hallways Clutter-Free

-Label and arrange packed boxes in piles away from entryways.

-Clean the outdoor area and the path that leads to the moving truck, else dust or debris may come in the way of your movement.

-Remove shrubs and tree branches from the way

-Don’t pile up the packed boxes too high, else they will topple over and cause injury.

Defy Science

-Don’t make your moving boxes heavier than 50 pounds.

-Use a wheeled cart to carry bulky furniture and appliances effortlessly

-Use L-shaped levers for transporting cupboards

Move Your Kids & Pets to Safety

-Arrange for a trusted friend or relative to look after your pets and children on the day of moving

-Don’t mess with their schedules and ensure a constant supply of food and water

Dress for the Day

-Dress in casual and comfortable clothes that won’t limit your movement

-Overly loose shirts are out of the question as they tend to get stuck to sharp edges and restrict your movement.

-Shoes that work best are the sporty kind with excellent arch support and rubber, anti-skid soles.

-Strap on safety gear, including working gloves and nose masks for added protection.

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